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Hemeh Crochet One Piece

Hemeh Crochet One Piece

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One Piece(Color pictured: Papaya Stripe)
  • Deep V Plunge
  • Thick straps that wrap around the tummy area
  • Thick strings that wrap around the upper torso
  • Thin strings located in the center chest create a criss-cross effect (straps are optional)
  • Water-friendly

How to Tie:

1.Tie the strings around your neck loosely.
2.Make sure the front of your outfit covers your chest and crotch.
3.Find the thick straps at the crotch, bring them between your legs, and wrap them around your hips.
4.Continue wrapping these straps upwards around your torso. The straps should create an "X" shape on your tummy if done correctly.
5.Tie the remaining strings either in the front or back, wherever you prefer.
6.Adjust the fit of the thick straps around your hips.
7.Go back to the neck strings and tie them to your desired fit.
Lastly, adjust the strings located at the chest to desired style and fit.


      • 100% Acrylic Yarn

      Package Includes:

      • 1 x Crochet One Piece
      • 2 x Crochet Scrunchies
      • 1 x Extra set of regular crochet strings for additional styling and/or adjustments
      • 1 x Measuring tape (first-time orders only)
      • 1 x Crochet Hook (first-time orders only)
      * If you are a part of our family and order regularly. Measuring tape + a crochet hook are sent out with your first order only. Any orders placed after will not include measuring tape + a crochet hook unless requested*
       Sizing is never an issue, please feel free to contact us if your size is not listed below.
      Handmade with love and care just for you 
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