Measurement Guide

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Unlock the secret to impeccable fit with our easy-to-follow measurement guide. Your measurements are the key ingredient to achieving a flawless custom fit. For precise measurements, a flexible measuring tape is your best companion. Feeling unsure? Don't hesitate to reach out to us via live chat or call us directly at 201-286-6395. Tani herself will personally guide you through any sizing queries. Follow these steps for accurate measurements:

NECK: Measure horizontally between collarbone and chin, adjusting for prominence like Adam's Apple.

HIGH BUST: Wrap tape above bust, under arms, arms down.

FULL BUST: Measure snugly under bust, round down to nearest even number.

UNDER BUST (BAND): Measure directly under bust, snugly.

ARM LOOP: Place tape on top of shoulder, loop under armpit comfortably.

WAIST: Measure at smallest part, above belly button.

NECK TO WAIST (FRONT): Measure along front midline from collarbone to waist.

RISE: Measure from crotch seam to top of waistband.

HIPS: Wrap tape around fullest part of hips.

THIGH: Wrap tape around thigh at bottom of butt.

CALVE: Measure widest part of calf.

SHOULDERS: Across shoulders from bone to bone.

WAIST - KNEE: From waist to middle of kneecap.

SLEEVE LENGTH: From bottom of wrist to top of arm bone.

CROTCH - ANKLE (INSEAM): Inside leg from crotch to below ankle bone.

WAIST TO ANKLE (OUTSEAM): From waist to below ankle bone, outside leg.KNEE: Around knee with leg extended.

ANKLE: Around ankle at ankle bone.

And remember, sometimes a little adjustment shimmy is all it takes for the perfect fit.